Kasens' Map Quilt

 What's been going on at SDC Quilting?

I have had 4 mostly undercover quilts come through my quilting doors. They are all gifts and best left undercover until delivered. Here is one of them the other 3 are still incognito.

My cousin contacted me a couple of months ago about a quilt for her soon to be born Grandson, Kasen. His room is mostly Woodlands and also Maps. So I looked around and found this pattern for FREE.
"YES this is perfect".
Shwin&Shwin have a website filled with all kinds of patterns.
Just click on the name and it will take you there.

Once you download and print the pattern, read the directions it is very simple to put together but best if you read the directions. I have no clue how I know this, just trust me. One good tip is to Remember when fussing, reverse the image. They do tell you how to do this in the directions so like I said Read the Directions. Also if using a directional fabric make sure to double check the direction that the fabric is facing b4 fusing. I had to fuse Antarctica twice, the anchors were upside down. Ooops.  I'll admit that the thought passed my mind "that looks okay"
NO, it did not.

Above: I used Pencil, I suggest Blue Mark B-Gone instead.

Fabric for the front:
The Whale fabric was found at Hobby Lobby and I thought it would be perfect for the ocean background. They also had the Navy Anchor and Grey Arrow fabric. The rest of the fabric was from my stash, always pays to have a good stash.
 All my pieces have been fused, cut and fused down to the backing. My mom helped me cut out all of the pieces, while we watched Netflix. I love when I can combine Quilting and Movie/Family time.

Now it was ready to quilt.
1st - I quilted twice over each fused piece. Since it is a baby blanket and will most likely be washed many times.
2nd - For the Allover Quilting I used a Grey thread and went for a topographic quilting design.
Batting - 80/20 Heirloom Batting
"KASEN"in the center above Antarctica.
I used Microsoft Word to print out his name and reversed the letters once it was cut out.
Then Fused away.

The Binding was a stripped fabric that I cut on an angle to give a rope effect.

 The Backing: is a Cotton Upholstery Map Fabric from Fabric Guru

I did wash it to get out some of the stiffness out from the fusible, the more it is washed the softer it will become. This time I used a heavy fuse next time I would use a Medium - Light fuse. Not too light though (it is a baby blanket).

Over All I love this pattern and am thinking about doing it with my boys for a homeschool project.
I think they would love it.
May your day bring you a Ray of Sunshine.


  1. What a fun quilt! This would be great to do for those "world travelers" or even as a large "state by state".
    An idea for you would be to make the outline background of states as a finished product and let travelers buy fat quarters from each state visited and appliqué as they travel. Twist my arm and I'll be your guinea pig! (From Lori)

  2. That is a great Idea. I have recently been thinking about making patterns. This would be a great start. Thanks


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