Tomorrow's Heirlooms XVI Quilt Show

A couple of weeks ago I participated in my local quilt show "Tomorrow's Heirlooms XVI Quilt Show. The first day was set up it was intense. I never knew how much went on behind the scenes. There was so much going on booth setup, putting up the polls (I'm sure there is a proper name but I'm not sure what that is) then putting the quilts on them, quilt auction setup and much more. 

Also this was the first quilt show that I entered 2 of my quilts to be judged and donated 2 of my quilts to be auctioned. Also, I won 2 RIBBONS!!!!!

 Entered to be Judged
And Yes!! that is a RIBBON!!!!!! I won 3rd place, they said that it would have been better if hand tacked binding. Also I spoke to a friend and she said that a flange binding is also acceptable. 

 This little guy was entered, no prize but love to see my quilts hanging in a show.
Entered to be Auctioned
I donated both of these quilts for the auction as well as helped out with the auction by showing the quilts while thy were auctioned off. Lots of fun with a lot of great ladies.

So here is what it looks like going up and still in put up mode, those white bundles on the floor are quilts. It was so neat to watch them go up.

Auction quilt placement. 

Here we are this is the woman that pushes me to do more with my quilting and my quilting communi. You might notice the Quilt behind me there was a post all about it. Elizabeth Ray pieced this colorway quilt and I quilted it. Both of us received a ribbon for Honorable Mention. :)

Meanwhile back at the home front just as I was about to begin a new client quilt,

I was called to track down a pig. Yes, they are crafty, strong, fast and can push chicken wire right out of the way. We found that corn and patience is a big help.

 I hope that one day you have to hunt down a pig with 2 little boys. 
It was a blast and a lesson in humility for all of us even the pig. 
Happy Pig Hunting 


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