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Midarm like a Pro!!!

I have a Midarm Grace Frame it is actually the Original Grace Frame, which means it needed a bit of tweaking. I found it on Craigslist for $250.00 I was able to take it home for $200.00. The frame was already togetheras a queen size frame, it came with King extension, engraved quilting guides, and a wooden frame for my sewing machine.
What came first the Sewing Machine or the Frame? For me it was the Sewing Machine.
Once home my husband helped me unload the frame and it was my job to finish assembling the frame. This took hours even though most of it was already put together. Directions drive me bonkers, I'm not the kind of person that buys patterns, I would rather make them up! Oh how I long for EQ7.  Once the setup was complete, it was time to figure out those rails and how to make cloth leaders???? YouTube helped, I had instructions too, but mostly Kathy Quilts showed me the way. As for the cloth leaders Grace Frame provided instructions in the directions. The amount of joy th…

A Wells House 4th of July

We woke up early to head out for a ride! Wyatt ready to hit the dirt road.
Wayland all geared up and ready to ride.
Here is Eddie has heaven shining down on him.
The trails to the lake.
My sweet Eddie 
Ahead Eddie's bike then Wayland
He's off to see what is going on.

Above is my favorite picture

We made it to the lake :)
Wyatt is worn out
So happy
So Cute
Maybe a quilting design?
Tough Guy
Looking Good

Eddie took Wyatt on the way back so I could go FAST. It was so amazing all of the butterflies and other flying critters fly with you when you are going fast. The feeling I had was incredible.