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Eagle Quilt

Thanksgiving has just ended and here I sit cider close by ready to get this next post out to you. It has been sitting in my "Unposted" box for a while. With 2 custom quilts on the board all of my other quilts fell behind. So it was a mad dash to get them completed and back to their homes. I am down to 2 quilts then I plan on working on some renovations and my own quilting with some teaching videos to come. The list is long for both.
Take a look at this amazing Eagle quilt below. This quilt was exciting and intimidating all in one.  This one is definitely a Custom Job. This custom quilt is no different from any other custom quilt. Which means the designing process took some time. Below it is hanging up ready and waiting to be put on the frame quilted.  The applique on this quilt was perfect.  Check out the stitches from the back on the picture below.  Time to get started.  Once the quilt is loaded and all flat. I feel that basting the quilt helps to keep tucks to a minimum …