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Today is the 20th of December and Christmas is right around the corner. We have been so busy around with our animals, quilting and homeschooling. The Cat  below (Milo) was gone for 3 days on a male cat hiatus. So he was just neutered and we hope that he stays closer to home from here on out. Truthfully I think he was trapped in a sheep house about a mile down the road. If you are wondering that is a Coon Hound next to him in the chair his name is Whiskers.
 Below is Bella she is our Mother Guinea Pig  Here is the whole lot of the Guinea tribe. Mom, Dad and 6 Piglets. The Chickens love to help the pigs out with their scraps.  I love Chickens And Yes that Handsome man is my Husband. I am very lucky to have such an amazing husband that supports anything I do. Including non-stop Quilting.
The pigs below are the Kune Kune Piglets they are a smaller pig than the Guinea. So farm life always comes with loss as well as new life.  We lost 5 of their siblings due to being crushed in the night b…