Wayland's Room

 Do you have a junk room?  We have currently been in Arkansas for 2 years. We have been renovating our house for the whole time, depending on just how important it was to get finished. For example our bedrooms were first. We had our room and the boys shared a room. At one point the room above was going to be an office. Now our "office" area in in my sewing room, which I don't mind at all. So we kept stacking stuff that had no place to go yet, because of our renovating. So, that is how our junk room was formed. As time went on and Wayland began to get older, we realized he needed his own space. At our house in Texas they both had their own rooms. So, months and months ago I decided that this room would become his room. He was very excited and I was very overwhelmed. Once I was determined to get his room together, it took about 3 days to completely clean it out. The hardest part was figuring out what to do with the stuff that does not have a home. First I cleaned out the t…

Homesteading at the Wellshouse

Here a small video about our garden and animals.

I love making these videos! I hope you enjoy them too.

What is going on at Sew Darn Cute Quilting....

I have been busy but not so much in a quilting kinda way. It seems that the summer time brings so many opportunities to get outside and enjoy life outdoors for a change. It has been refreshing to escape from my quilting demands for a bit and work on my quilts for a change. Here are a few other things that have been keeping me busy.
 Hanging out with my guys has been at the top of my list. Wyatt has a new bow and has been practicing everyday. He also wants to take an Archery Class.  This mini water fall was on the way to pick up a new puppy for my mom.  Here she is her name is Rose. She is a Great Pyrenees.  Wyatt found my silver fabric and turned into the Silver Bandit. Meanwhile...  Outside we have some big things happening in the garden.
 Mostly Melons, Potatoes, Squash and Tomatoes
 So here it is my Show Quilt!!!  Not much to look at here but I promise progress is being made. This quilt is on the down low and will not be revealed until it is hanging at a quilt show.  I plan on ent…

Feathered Wreath

Hello there, It's been a while....
This quilt had plenty of open space for quilting.  I chose feathered wreaths, swirls and dot to dot quilting.
Thread - Signature (Black & Mustard) Batting - Hobbs 80/20
I used the Black thread for Stitching in the Ditch and the Mustard thread to decorate.
Here it is all quilted and ready to mail back home.


This quilt would be considered a Mid-Custom Quilt. I love this type of quilting. It makes the piecing pop but also can be quilted somewhat fast.

What made you become a quilter?

A question that we rarely ask ourselves as quilters and longarm quilters. For me, I just began quilting and went full speed ahead. It was like I was being driven by a locomotive and there was no stopping me. Everyday trying to improve upon what was done yesterday. The ideas of quilts going around in my head are never ending. Also quilting for me it is an art not just a skill. I feel that with each quilt I'm able to express myself onto the fabric, in ways I've never done before.
Here are a few examples:
The Ombre Effect This quilt is one of my favorites. In each square I came up with a different design that used my rulers. While using straight lines in every block as well as curved lines.

Coloring Quilts This was a very free motion quilt.
My client told me to quilt anything I wanted. Then she was going to paint it.

Birde My very first Full Custom quilt. The quilt definitely did all the talking on this one. 

Coastal Lily The Raffle Quilt that squared me up and set me free all at…

Basting on your longarm.

What? Basting on your longarm? That's Crazy? 
Not as crazy as you may think. About 6 month ago I began basting my whole quilt top to the quilt back on the frame. By doing this you will keep your quilt square. Also keep tucks at bay and wavy borders away. Here's a video on how to baste your quilt before longarming.
Once you begin quilting your will remove the stiches in the area that you are quilting in. Do Not take the whole row out. Keep the basting in your borders until you quilt them. Remember: How does an elephant eat a quilt. One bite at a time.
Later, I will post a video on how to take out your basting as you quilt your quilt. I hope this helps you with your next quilt. Take Care

About me... I made an about me page.

I made an about me page for my blog. I thought it would also be a good update post on what is going on. It's a bit more detailed than more About me pages but I was really feeling it. Also it's not in the 3rd person. I am Sew Darn Cute Quilting no one else. Sew here it is :) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The big question "How long have you been quilting?" I think it should be "How much do you love quilting?" LOL
I have been quilting since 2010. I just had my second son and needed something to think about besides dirty dishes, laundry and diapers. Recently my step mom had begun quilting and it looked like fun. I had been interested in quilting since I was in my 20's, but had very little success at being self taught. I thought you pieced the fabric together with a zig zag stitch while butting up 2 pieces of fabric together side by side. Eeek!! In order to become a quilter I was …