Tuesday, January 22, 2019

What are the different types of Custom Quilting???

Video Below ↓

I've been asking myself this for the past year. How can I define the different levels of Custom Quilting? I went to look up the actual definition of custom quilting and there is not one???? No wonder I've been struggling with this! If you were to look on my "quilting pricing page" these are the descriptions that you would find. Maybe I should make the Full and Show ones pop a bit more?
  • Slightly Custom Quilted Best Deal!!! This quilting will make your quilt shine with minimal SID and quilting that works with your piecing to make it pop. 

  •  Mid Custom Quilting includes some ruler work, SID (stitch in the ditch) and background designs. This type of quilting will personalize your quilt and keep the cost down.

  • Full Custom Quilting includes ruler work, SID and elaborate secondary background designs 

  • Show Custom Quilting includes ruler work, SID, elaborate secondary background designs, and buried stitches. 

I think some pictures will help both of us.

Here is Slightly Custom: 
Don't worry the batting is wool and all is good. In the end I quilted a few more circles. Just to make the line spacing throughout the entire quilt more consistent.

Mid Custom:

Full Custom or Show Custom:

Here is a video to show a few more examples:

Let me know what your different definitions of custom quilting are. 
If you can tell I've been having a ton of fun with this challenge / quilting follow along. I hope that you are too. 
One thing to remember is that in the end a quilt is made to keep you warm. 
But it's so much fun to make them pretty.

April Wells

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Heart and Soul

 So, I've been told there are "seasons" in our life that we go through. Well, I'm definitely going through some kind of season. As you can see on the above picture which is my kitchen/living area. The look that I'm going for in my house is not happening. The look I want is clean, open, airy. When we moved in we spent 7 months making our house livable. Once we reached livable status we kinda stopped. Eddie got busy with outside jobs (making money) and I kinda did too. I was quilting and having a blast. The house was not on my mind at all.

But..... now the house is all I can think of. I have to get it organized and complete. When I'm "personal" quilting all I can think about is all the other stuff that needs to happen before springtime is here. You may wonder why such a rush? Spring as a friend of mine says is "ON TIME" If you garden you know what I mean it's down right bonkers. This will be our 2nd really big garden year. Last year I told Eddie if we are going to plant a garden we need to go big. We Did!

 We still have butternut squash, actually we just made Deer Curry with Butternut Squash for dinner. Talk about living eating off the land. This year we are going to widen our garden, move our pigs down into the valley and butcher 3-4 more pigs (and YES they taste amazing). This is what needs to be done outside and just for the homesteady part of our life.

Truthfully I've been watching that show on Netflix with Marie Kondo. It's a great show to get you motivated. Her book is awesome too.  I listened to it on Audible when we made the move. I was throwing stuff out left and right. 

So let's go back to this photo. The ceiling is already gone. It will be replaced with pine.
(FYI - My mom made me the hat and she is mostly blind) The stitches are perfect. And in my hand is a piece of deer jerky.

Below are the walls (not my favorite) so I'm going to sand then paint. What color WHITE!! Until I change my mind. White is easy there's no wishy washy about it. It's just white.

Below is my bedroom. In here we decided to sheetrock (never again) the ceiling and sand and paint the paneling on the walls. 

It's White and I love it.

I so very excited to see Spring here but oh so very overwhelmed. 
Maybe it's time for a show on Time Management?

 The new year is here and truthfully I just feel more overwhelmed than I was before Christmas. Maybe it's because the sun has been hiding for days and it's COLD without any snow. All I want is to soak up some SUN lots of Warm Sunniness all around me. 

Happy New Year 😄 Do some Selfish Quilting for me and send me a picture. 💗💗💗 April 

Thursday, November 8, 2018

I'm Back.....

Hello Quilters, I’m accepting quilts for allover and minimal custom quilting designs. This quilt is a great example of a minimal custom quilting design. Call or Text me if you want me to quilt a quilt for you. My wait time is 4-6 weeks perfect for those Christmas gifts.

My contact info...
Call or Text 479-233-1835
Email - sewdarncutequilting@gmail.com

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Dancing with your Sewing Machine

Do you dance with your sewing machine? 
No, not actually picking it up and dancing, which I'm sure we have all done. I'm talking about when you sit down to begin sewing and someone walks in your sewing room and needs you!!! 

MOM! there's a pig stuck in the fence! 
MOM! timmy fell in the well (hopefully you get that one) 

Just as you come back another thing pulls you away, this type of dance is what I'm talking about, back and forth and back and forth Again. There are so many reasons that we get pulled away from our quilting.....
Lately these little suckers have been the main reason! Now I love my pigs but they love to get out. To get them back in requires time, patience and sometime $$$. Fencing is not cheap, so far electric fence has been the best way to go, but we were trying to be kind and put up wire fencing. One piglet did get stuck and she did not make it. (Not so Kind)  Currently they are all running a muck. Thank goodness we live in the middle of nowhere. Which means are main threats are the coyotes and getting stuck in the fence. We currently have 21 pigs most are piglets. It's time to put the electric fence back up. :(

In the process of adding chicken wire to the in side of the fence.
My other reason for quilt dancing are these 2 squirts below. 
Motherhood....more than anything I want them to have more than I had and I had a lot. I want them to have my attention to be there and to know just by looking at them how they are feeling. This job is harder than dealing with those pigs. 😐

 Wayland has just begun attending a Charter school in the area and I am so proud of how hard he is working. Unfortunately it is not working out. He has Tourettes which is accompanied with OCD. Sitting in a class with so many kids surrounding him is driving him nuts. He loves learning but he is completely unable to focus. If it was just him and the teacher all would be perfect. So it looks like homeschooling is what is going to be best for him. On the up side since he has been in school Wyatt (my youngest son) and I have been attending a group called "Roadrunners" It's a sport group that meets every Tuesday. I get to talk to other moms and they get to play with other kids. It's an amazing group. We have also joined a small homeschool group that has field trips 3-4 times a month with the same kids. So, as sad as I am that he will not be in this amazing school, I am just as excited to have him here at home.

 At times I feel like I'm burnt out on quilting. So, I've changed it up a bit. I have begun piecing more and longarming a bit less. Truthfully my longarming has made a small shift too. I have a ton of all overs come in and I couldn't be more excited. Currently I love a good Allover or a mid custom quilt. 

My goal is to wake up b4 everyone else and begin my day sewing. Then around 9:00 feed the animals and kids and start our day. Hopefully this will give me some uninterrupted time to sew and do my own thing. 

I joined a Sew Along by Suzy Quilts and so far it has been a blast. Suzy puts out the cutest videos and is just real. I think a good dose of real and funny are the best. Below our my first 2 blocks.

 I do love to play with fabric, here is my table after block making.
You can arrange the blocks any way u like.
I think this is what I going to do.
The Dance is real in my life, but it's all how stride. 

Keep Calm 
Dance On

Big ol' Curly

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Wayland's Room

 Do you have a junk room? 
We have currently been in Arkansas for 2 years. We have been renovating our house for the whole time, depending on just how important it was to get finished. For example our bedrooms were first. We had our room and the boys shared a room. At one point the room above was going to be an office. Now our "office" area in in my sewing room, which I don't mind at all. So we kept stacking stuff that had no place to go yet, because of our renovating. So, that is how our junk room was formed. As time went on and Wayland began to get older, we realized he needed his own space. At our house in Texas they both had their own rooms. So, months and months ago I decided that this room would become his room. He was very excited and I was very overwhelmed. Once I was determined to get his room together, it took about 3 days to completely clean it out. The hardest part was figuring out what to do with the stuff that does not have a home. First I cleaned out the trash then I sorted the stuff into plastic storage bins labeled, Living room, Wayland's Room, Christmas, etc. Then I neatly stacked everything in our to be Laundry Room. Yes, another junk room but it is organized and labeled. 

 Here he is wondering
 "When will I have my own room again?"

My husband painted the room from yellow to white.

I made some curtains.

 We laid the flooring. Thankfully we had some flooring already stained.

It was easier to bring the boards in through the window.

 Only 2 boards to stain and the curtains are almost complete.

This is the flooring throughout our whole house.

Last night was his first night to sleep in his own room, again. 
Now to get to the box that's labeled Wayland's Room. 

Now brothers can be friends, once again.

Saturday, June 9, 2018

Homesteading at the Wellshouse

Here a small video about our garden and animals.

I love making these videos! I hope you enjoy them too.

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What is going on at Sew Darn Cute Quilting....

I have been busy but not so much in a quilting kinda way. It seems that the summer time brings so many opportunities to get outside and enjoy life outdoors for a change. It has been refreshing to escape from my quilting demands for a bit and work on my quilts for a change. Here are a few other things that have been keeping me busy.

 Hanging out with my guys has been at the top of my list.
Wyatt has a new bow and has been practicing everyday. He also wants to take an Archery Class.
 This mini water fall was on the way to pick up a new puppy for my mom.
 Here she is her name is Rose. She is a Great Pyrenees.
 Wyatt found my silver fabric and turned into the Silver Bandit.
 Outside we have some big things happening in the garden.

 Mostly Melons, Potatoes, Squash and Tomatoes

 So here it is my Show Quilt!!! 
Not much to look at here but I promise progress is being made. This quilt is on the down low and will not be revealed until it is hanging at a quilt show. 
I plan on entering it into AQS Spring Paducah of 2019 :)

 Besides that I am in a Swap through Instagram for the month of June.
Below are all the test blocks that I made trying to decide on which block for my swap.
Below is the block that I chose in 2 different color ways. 
I can't wait to see what arrives in the mail.

My favorite thing to do is hang out outside and soak in all the green that has just exploded all around our land. The one thing I have found out about homesteading is that there is always something to do. From pulling weeds to building pig huts it seems like the list is never ending. But a very wise man once told me that "Work is a gift from God" I find that to be very true. Working on the land makes a break in the hammock so much more rewarding.

 Take Care, April

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Feathered Wreath

Hello there, It's been a while....

This quilt had plenty of open space for quilting. 
I chose feathered wreaths, swirls and dot to dot quilting.

Thread - Signature (Black & Mustard)
Batting - Hobbs 80/20

I used the Black thread for Stitching in the Ditch and the Mustard thread to decorate.

Here it is all quilted and ready to mail back home.


This quilt would be considered a Mid-Custom Quilt. I love this type of quilting. It makes the piecing pop but also can be quilted somewhat fast.