Vintage Quilt

Good Morning,  Sunshine! The Vintage Quilt is doneπŸ˜„πŸ’₯πŸ’–! There is nothing better than a completed quilt!!!!  Well, maybe a fresh new quilt to load up.  They are both GREAT!!!  If you have been following along on FB or IG you have seen this quilt.  If not start following me  IG FB
Below is the quilt top ready for quilting.  On these older quilts, I like to research and find out where they came from. "The back story". Here's what I found... I sent this article to the quilt owner and she said that she had purchased the quilt in Missouri.  The same place that Mrs. Kirby (block creator) lived.  How much fun!
I also found the block breakdown under a different name.  (Skyrocket)
Above is the first completed block!!!
Now, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Quilt Size: 87"x76" Batting: Quilters Dream Wool  Thread: SoFine 401 and 462 Quilting Style: Custom Quilt…

Pig Pig

It's been a few months since I lost my PIG and I'm finally able to write about him.  
We raise American Guinea Hogs and Kunekunes. Pig Pig was a mix of the two breeds. They are pasture pigs and need to be moved around every few months during the warm months. 
We were in the middle of moving our pigs and fencing around, it was a bit chaotic. Our dogs love to herd the pigs back into their homes. This can be good and bad.  As they were herding Pig Pig he ran into a wire fence fell back and had a seizure. Wayland (my son) was trying to stop the dogs because when the fencing is being moved pigs are everywhere. He called me over right away and I thought the pig was a goner for sure! He was stiff but still breathing. We picked him up and took him over to that deck, still stiff no movement but breathing. 
So.... I TOOK HIM IN THE HOUSE!  This PIG was NOT staying in the house for more that a week maybe 2 but no more, I'll have him up and moving in no time.  Next I tried to feed hi…

Quilting Expanding Stars

I just love this quilt and was a tad bit intimidated by the boldness of this quilt. 
Maker/Piecer - Sherri Fandrich Pattern - Expanding Star by Emily Dennis @ Quilty Love

On the frame and ready to quilt.

My goal was a bit traditional with a bit modern. I was torn between random quilting in the background or a bit more symmetrical design. So, I asked Sherri what she would prefer and she asked me "If it was my quilt what would you do?"  I trusted my first thoughts and got started. Symmetrical it is!

In the 4 corners I thought a 3/4 circle surrounded by feathers would be so fun.

Swirls went down next.

Then Cross Hatching

Consistently - Inconsistent

All Done

A bit traditional with a bit modern.

Pigs pigs pigs and more pigs

This week has been crazy we have had three litters of pigs.
 We’ve had one mom die and we've have just bought two new pigs that grow faster. 
The two new pigs are female and we plan to mix them with our boar so that we will have a faster growing pig in the long run. 
For now I’m gonna show you some cute pictures of some piglets

New Hereford Pigs

This is Pig Pig he is currently the new house pet until he begins walking again.
He had a small seizure and ended up unable to walk.
Now he’s doing better, he can stand up and he can walk a few feet. Now that the weather is better he has been outdoors more and he loves it.

Kune Kune and American Guinea Hogs

Curley aka Papa Bear

We’ve only had a few losses but with life also comes death.
 For all of us life is a lot different from living in the city and it’s well worth being out here in the country living with our pigs.

I hope that you enjoy being a little bit of my new life on our farm.
Soon, I hope to post some quilting pictures.
Currently I…

Change for the Better

So, a Change has come and some people might think that this would be bad but for me it is a great change.
My husband has recently changed jobs. Usually with his line of work he has a vehicle provided from his job. This is not the case with his new job. Which means for now, we are down to one vehicle which he takes to work. He works M-F from 6am-3pm. So, all day meetings are over! Running around during the week is over. If I desperately crave a quilt meeting I can go to a night one.
This has turned into a blessing!!! I can focus on finishing the renovations to our home! YES I can focus on homeschooling! YES I can focus on our farm and garden! YES The more I can get done around the house during the week means the more time we have on the weekends to take the boys on adventures! YEP, definitely!!!
Oh, yeah and quilting will be here and there but these days I don't find the need to quilt for a great amount of people.
Sure, I could buy another car but do I really want to? The cost! NO …

What are the different types of Custom Quilting???

Video Below ↓
I've been asking myself this for the past year. How can I define the different levels of Custom Quilting? I went to look up the actual definition of custom quilting and there is not one???? No wonder I've been struggling with this! If you were to look on my "quilting pricing page" these are the descriptions that you would find. Maybe I should make the Full and Show ones pop a bit more? Slightly Custom QuiltedBest Deal!!!This quilting will make your quilt shine with minimal SID and quilting that works with your piecing to make it pop. 
Mid Custom Quilting includes some ruler work, SID (stitch in the ditch) and background designs. This type of quilting will personalize your quilt and keep the cost down.
Full Custom Quilting includes ruler work, SID and elaborate secondary background designs 
Show Custom Quilting includes ruler work, SID, elaborate secondary background designs, and buried stitches. 
I think some pictures will help both of us.

Here is Slightly C…

Heart and Soul

So, I've been told there are "seasons" in our life that we go through. Well, I'm definitely going through some kind of season. As you can see on the above picture which is my kitchen/living area. The look that I'm going for in my house is not happening. The look I want is clean, open, airy. When we moved in we spent 7 months making our house livable. Once we reached livable status we kinda stopped. Eddie got busy with outside jobs (making money) and I kinda did too. I was quilting and having a blast. The house was not on my mind at all.

But..... now the house is all I can think of. I have to get it organized and complete. When I'm "personal" quilting all I can think about is all the other stuff that needs to happen before springtime is here. You may wonder why such a rush? Spring as a friend of mine says is "ON TIME" If you garden you know what I mean it's down right bonkers. This will be our 2nd really big garden year. Last year I t…