Friday, October 3, 2014

Pink and Cream

A mom I know made a Pinterest board for her little girl that went to Preschool with my son and the board is filled with Pink and Cream. Then I was determined to make a Pink and Cream Quilt with very dense quilting.

Here is the top before the quilting began

Design time: Luckily I had just received my ruler foot and rulers YEAH

Lots of curves and straight lines

but I would never ever forget to add some Free Motion Feathers

 Almost time to take it off the rails

 My attempt at a butterfly :)

 Now keep in mind from here on out all of the pictures are after a cold wash and then hung up to dry.

 Sunny Sun

 I love those sun rays

 What is she doing here????

 Sunny days

 Ready to wrap up

 Swirls formed into circles then echoed

I love my set up check it out @ Midarm like a Pro