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Golden 5 Star Quilt

Can you see the 5 Stars?
The white is the background fabric which makes the stars pop.  I fell in love with this quilt as soon as I saw it especially once I saw the Stars. 
Longarm Quilting Details Thread: Signature - Tex 40 - Mustard Batting: Heirloom 80/20 Quilting: Free Motion, Free Hand with help from a straight edge ruler.
I have so much fun with this type of custom quilting. Fortunately for me this client let me just go to town on this quilt. As you can see in the green border I marked the center points of the triangles. Up one side and down the other. The ruler I used is from A1 you can purchase this ruler at Green Fairy Quilts
I will admit I was a bit intimidated by the OPEN space. So I grabbed my long straight ruler and began to connect the points form one side to the other side at different angles, until a design formed that I was happy with. 

The green fabric is where the edge of the stars are.  This is where I SID (stitched in the ditch) and quilted a single line a 1/4 of …