Monday, July 17, 2017

All About the Greenery Through the Trees

Did you enter the Greenery Challenge? Well, I meant to enter but the days came and went and I had a huge Brain Fart and completely lost track of the date. Lucky for me my Modern Guild had a Greenery Challenge, too.

Thread - Iris 
Batting - 80/20 Hobbs and Hobbs Wool

Here we are, All about the greenery.

Through the Trees is the name of my quilt and my inspiration. Walking around on our land and seeing the view through the trees, is always so beautiful. The light that shines through is like the God's light shining down on me. Which makes me feel so blessed. I'm so happy to be here on this beautiful piece of the world. I have never felt so free and inspired. The beauty that surrounds me every day pulls me up through the trees.

This Star started with a drawing. This is where it all began. 

 10 squares and 6 HST's measuring 3" when finished.

A great tutorial on Half Square Triangles

Here is the layout.

1 block all sewn together.


4 blocks all sewn together.

with borders, time to quilt....

My favorite part.
Loaded and ready to quilt.

My Design is all Drawn out 


Opps... Sometimes mistakes happen, luckily fabric is forgiving.

All Done!!!!
Now, what color binding?

White and Orange Flange Binding Wins.

But Wait I had one more Greenery Challenge come through my door. Elizabeth Ray asked me to help her finish out quilting her Greenery Challenge. The Green half was quilted by Elizabeth and the White half was quilted by me.

Aurifil Thread 
 Dream Orient Batting (I love this batting)

Ghost Circles surrounded by swirls.

Using the black light on my longarm helps with the precision of my quilting.

The next open area is filled with feathers, swirls, and straight lines.

All Done and ready to go back home for the binding.

Tula Fabrics are so Beautiful.

Here is Elizatheth at out Q.U.I.L.T. meeting talking about her Greenery Challenge.

Thank you, Elizabeth

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Lila's Orange Quilt

Did you know I can baste your quilt? 
The basting stitch below is 1 inch stitch. 
My longarm will baste as little as a 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" up to a 1 inch stitch.
I suggest 1/2 is easy to pull out and at the same time your fingers do not get caught up in the thread.  

This quilt is for Lila Rostenburg, she is an amazing quilter. 
Below is a bag that she made and it holds her quilt.

This Cardinal Wall hanging she made for a friend of mine. I love it.
Lila wanted me to quilt in the solid areas and baste in the pieced areas of this quilt. 
In the pieced areas I put in a 1 inch basting stitch so Lila can Big Stitch her quilt.

Thread - Mustard by Signature
Batting - Cotton supplied by Lila
Tools - Straight Edge Quilting Ruler

Many lines were requested and lines in all different directions
Some are Curved on the corners
I love how the line look as they change direction

The picture below shows curved edges and straight turned edges

So lets take a look at how easy those curved corners can be made. Below you can see that I did not use a special curved ruler. I just slowly worked my way around the corner of a regular straight edge ruler. 

When I went out to take pictures of this quilt the sun was setting and the shadows of the trees were all around. Beautiful but very difficult to properly see the quilt. 

Above is the Back

Thank you, Lila