Quilting Designs

These are quilts that represent the different quilting designs that I offer. With each one of these quilt designs I was told by the client to quilt what I thought would be best. For the description and pricing of the different quilting designs click HERE
Custom, Minimal-Custom, Custom Borders and
Free Hand Allover Quilting Designs.


Custom Dot to Dot with Swirls

Custom Dot to Dot with Swirls

Custom Pebbles, Feathers and Swirls on a Panel

The Heart and Pink Quilts (Below)  I did the piecing, applique and quilting.
Feathers and Pebbles

Big Circles, Feathers and Lines
Dot to Dot and Swirls

Pebbles and Leaves

Dot to Dot, Echoing, Swirls

Dot to Dot

Spiro Quilting, Swirls, Lines


Feathers, Dot to Dot

Dot to Dot, Swirls and Lines

Dot to Dot, Gnome head Swirls
Dot to Dot, Swirls and Pebbles

Dot to Dot, Lines

Feathers, Dot to Dot, Swirls, Cross Hatching and Thread ;)

End result of the last 3 photos and the next 1.

Custom Border

Custom Borders can be added on to a allover quilting design

Minimal Custom Quilting
Circles with Open Paisley and Swirl Combination

McTavishing and Echoing around the Butterflies

Free Hand Allover Quilting


Dollop Feather

Swirled Leaf

Feather and Swirls

Dollop Flower

Flowered Feather

 This Quilt was Stitched In The Ditch it would be considered a Mid Custom Quilt

To see the list of Pricing click


  1. Really great presentation! Impressive.

  2. I love seeing these samples, April. It gives me good ideas!

  3. I am seeing the back can be more beautiful then the front

  4. Love your sight. Lots of colours and examples. BEAUTIFUL quilting. I too do long arm quilting and sometimes beat myself up for the least thing. Looking at someone else's work helps me keep a perspective but is also so great for challenging myself.

    1. I think that if we challenge ourselves we find out just how amazing we can be. Keep pushing forward and growing.😊


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