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Coastal Lily Raffle Quilt of NWA

Here it is all done and off the frame.
This quilt will be raffled off at the NWA Q.U.I.L.T. Show on April 5 & 6 of 2019. Come to the quilt show and buy some tickets you could have this quilt laying on your bed. Tickets should be available for purchase at the April Meeting (next month). 

The Raffle Team included Natalie McCroy, Elizabeth Ray and Myself. We met up and decided on a pattern and fabric. Then cut the fabric and separated flowers and 4 piece flying geese units. These units were bagged and handed out to the members of  NWA Q.U.I.L.T. Guild.
Once all the units had been sewn together our team met again to determine the color layout of the flowers.
We took 2 rows each and pieced them together, borders were added and we had a quilt top. I loved working with these ladies. It was so amazing how we all had the same vison and we worked so well together making sure that this vison came through in the quilt. ❤

Husbands of Quilters Pattern:
Coastal Lily by Minick and Simpson


Under the Weather

A while back I wrote this and thought it would still be good to say:

I’ve been sick now for about a week maybe 2 I can’t remember. It seems like this year the sickness just keeps coming back, circling around my household.

I’m the type of sick that refuses to lay down until absolutely necessary. Since longarm quilting is out of the question, unless I want to unquilt. I decided to fold my fabric. So for days I sat and folded my fabric mostly the same size, while getting caught up on all my tv shows.

Then the time came, time for bed. The fever had taken me down
Being sick sometimes is the only thing that will make me slow down.

After a couple of days in bed, the urge to get up to do something becomes so overwhelming

After a shower and cleaning up my room. I went out on my patio and sat in the sun. Looking out into the winter forest. Thinking of the first time I saw this land and house. Still to this day I am amazed that we are here. That we made it, our dream came true. It was a ton of w…