Friday, June 27, 2014

Half Square Triangles - 001

How many ways can you make a Half Square Triangle? This is one of many methods. I am making a pink and cream quilt that is filled with HST's, mostly pink. So I decided to document the ways that I have decided to manufacture HST. This tutorial will make 8 HST out of 2 Squares. 

With this method your supply list is:
2 squares, I used two 6 inch squares - Pleasing sides together.
A marking tool - I used a Frixion Pen
A straight edge - I used a Quilters Rule, made for marking HST 
A quarter inch foot (shown below) - optional 
Once you have all of your supplies place the 2 squares pleasing sides together. 
Then place a mark from corner to corner as you can see above.

And Here We Go
This is the quarter inch foot that I was talking about in the supply list. If you do not have this foot don't worry, all is good. You will just need to mark a quarter inch on each side of the center line. You should have 3 lines marked from corner to corner and the another 3 lines marked for the other 2 corners. A total of 6 lines
Sew on the 2 outer lines, total of 4 sewn lines.

 If you have this foot sew down one side of the line then flip your square and sew down the other side of the line as shown below.

Your square should look like the one below.
Cut on the Center lines.
In Both directions
Stack all four triangles
Line up your triangles and cut from the top of the triangle down.  
Be sure to line up your ruler and triangles.
Now you should have 8 triangles.
When you open one up here is what it will look like.
Pressed to the dark.
Now it's time to square them up to 2 1/2 inches.
Line up the diagonal line on your ruler with the diagonal line on you HST. Measure the HST to 2 1/2 inches or more if your HST is Wonky. If your square is a bit wonky trim all four side of you HST. Remember measure twice cut once
Nice and Neat 
 The leftover use it as stuffing or throw it away.
 The HST is so much fun there are so many ways to use it. 
Did you now that the famous Swoon Block is made with HST. Amazing!!!
Check out the many ways to HST on Pinterest 
I'll be back with more HST Tutorials.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hankie Pankie

I took the day off and quilted away.
This is a hanciercief that has been around for as long as I can remember maybe it was my grandfathers or maybe my great grandfathers it's a shame that I do not know. Or a goodwill find but I doubt it.
Oh well.
What I do know is that it has been one of my favorite hankies that I have collected from different people and places. I recently went vintage hankie shopping and they wanted $15.00 for one. I couldn't pay that much when I knew there was a stash of hankies in a box somewhere in my house. 

So away I went looking through my boxes and was unable to find what I was looking for. A few days later I was cleaning and I looked over at my husbands night stand and there was a perfect hankie. This was a hankie that I could freely quilt away on no rules or guidelines just fun. 

To the left of my foot and forward a bit you can see a white arrow, there is a small hole that was starting to appear. So I knew that my quilting had to be something dense this is why I decided close straight lines it also helps to push out the bubbles which push out the feathers.

 In this picture you can see that the fabric is linen and a little worn. 

 Here I am my 5 year old took my picture :)

Monday, June 9, 2014

Teacher Quilt 2014

 I took a piece of white fabric up to my son's class and had all of the kids draw a picture and sign it. 

 I had to mess around with my photo editor. 
Silly boys :)

 When I saw this fabric I knew that it was the one, so bright and happy.

 Here are a few close ups
 There was more negative space then I had planed on so I added some applique. For the quilting I used mostly dollop echo, a few swirls and a feather. This quilt was lots of fun and came together pretty quick. My step mom and her friend Becky helped me cut out the applique. Once the applique was ironed down I did a straight stitch all around each applique piece. Maybe soon I will make a tutorial, that would be fun.

My son took this picture, I think I found a new photographer. 

Here they are my little helpers.
The end of the school year is here and the beginning of summer is here, I sure do need the break. Next week we will begin our summer swim park days. We get there as soon as they open, grab a table, set up and hit the water. I pack us a lunch, lots of fruit and water. Then we leave about 12 or so. When we get home the boys are worn out and I have quite sew time:)