Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Coastal Lily Quilt

This is our Raffle Quilt for 2019.
It will be at the Quilt Show for Q.U.I.L.T. of NWA.
For more information about the quilt show 

The Coastal Lily, the pattern is by Minick and Simpson
Our guild worked together on the piecing.

Below are a few videos about the process and decision making of longarm quilting.

Ready to Start 

Basting your quilt, even on a longarm.

Rulers and which one's I prefer for stitching in the ditch.


Now the fun begins

These are my settings.
 Talk at you soon!

Sunday, January 21, 2018

The STUFF we never talk about, but should.

I recently volunteered to quilt this quilt.
This was not just any charity quilt this was a quilt with a story.
I hope the story is accurate but if it isn't please add to the story in the comments below.
This quilt was made by Diane Eaton for her family it's an Irish Chain. Our Longarm guild quilted five small quilts for her grandchildren and this is one of four queen size quilt tops she made for her daughters. Once she had pieced these quilt tops together, she passed on and never had the chance to quilt them. She had a wonderful friend in the quilting community that has helped complete these quilts for her family. This person is Kathy Garringer if you live anywhere near NWA you know her. She fills the room with brightness. She is a person I look up to, a teacher, a giver, and is envolved in every quilting group I can think of. She gives her time to middle school kids and shares her love of quilting with them and everyone she crosses.
💗💙💚💛💜 to Kathy

Below is the quilt that Kathy Quilted.

Image may contain: indoor
So, Sorry that I don't have more pictures of the other quilts. If you have any send them to me and I will get them on this post.

So, I've been thinking as I have been working on one of Diane's quilts. What will happen to my quilting "madness" of stuff when I die? I can only hope for a daughter in law that will properly donate/sale/quilt my insane amount of quilting stuff.

Stuff is what they will call it after we are dead.

I promise someone will say this.

How can we make our stuff more valuable to our family members?
I think by teaching them.

Showing them how to make something that will comfort them from scraps of fabric.
Showing them how to put love into a quilt and then give it to someone else, that will hopefully cherish it. 

Now, this also goes beyond Quilting.
What will we leave behind?
What memories will your loved ones have of you?
What Stories will they tell?

I think it all comes down to TIME
Time that we spend with the ones that we love.

I often feel pulled in so many different directions. Family, Homeschool, Housework, Farmwork, Home Renovations, Work (thank goodness that is quilting), and all the other things that come up last minute.
How do you keep these things in order and at the same time be a compassionate Mother, Wife, and Daughter?
These questions will most likely consume my thoughts for a very long time.

I have a drive to quilt but also I am determined to raise my boys up with a loving mother that is there to answer the little questions. So, one day they will come to me with the big ones. To treat them as a person, not someone that is along for my ride only. I want to be there for their ride too.
I also want to quilt 24/7.
Dividing time without feeling that I am loosing out. Loosing out on Quilting, on being a good Mother, a Wife.
You do notice Quilting was the first one.

Quilting keeps me happy, motivated, creative and keeps me going. If I had not found quilting I think that I would not be as patient as I am on most days. Quilting takes up a ton of my time but it also soothes my soul. 

So who is your quilting person?
Who will come to your home after you have died and help your family sort through all of your "STUFF" and finish UFOs for your family? While they are doing this, what stories will they tell?

With a ton of Love to you and your family from mine.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

QuiltCon 2018 Charity Quilt Challenge

I hope your Holidays have been wonderful. This year we took it very easy. My in-laws came in to visit and bring presents. Then we had a small Christmas morning here at the house. The rest of the days for me were filled with sewing. My husband spent his time on the hunt for a big Buck and chopping wood to keep us very warm and cozy. 

This quilt was pieced by the Northwest Arkansas Modern Quilt Guild. If you want to see it in person, it will be hanging at QuiltCon 2018 in the Charity Quilt Challenge Area.
This year QuiltCon will be in Pasadena, CA on February 22-25, 2018

Lets get to the Quilting...

 If you have read any of my prior post you will know that I am a big fan of basting and yes on the quilt frame. Still use your clamps. Just a quick tip.

 Quilting Designs???
This quilt had an 8 point intersection of bulk in every corner.
So I had to work around those points instead of through them.
In the open space, I quilted all kinds of fun stuff.

 Swirls and Feathers
 Straight Lines
 The Color Hourglasses were quilted with the same Triangle and on the Cream Hourglasses, the lines where a bit different all through out.

Thread - So Fine 402
Batting - 80/20 Hobbs

 I love editing photos here are a few that I changed up a bit.

 Finally the sun came out and I was able to get a few better pictures.

This quilt would not have been made if not for our President, Elizabeth Ray. She is always motivating our guild members to try new challenges.
Thank you, Elizabeth :)

Now it is off to the Binder/Sleever, Dorothy Day.

Thank you 
to everyone that helped make this quilt. 
I am so lucky to be a part of such amazing quilters.
 Love to All, April