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Homesteading at the Wellshouse

Here a small video about our garden and animals.

I love making these videos! I hope you enjoy them too.

What is going on at Sew Darn Cute Quilting....

I have been busy but not so much in a quilting kinda way. It seems that the summer time brings so many opportunities to get outside and enjoy life outdoors for a change. It has been refreshing to escape from my quilting demands for a bit and work on my quilts for a change. Here are a few other things that have been keeping me busy.
 Hanging out with my guys has been at the top of my list. Wyatt has a new bow and has been practicing everyday. He also wants to take an Archery Class.  This mini water fall was on the way to pick up a new puppy for my mom.  Here she is her name is Rose. She is a Great Pyrenees.  Wyatt found my silver fabric and turned into the Silver Bandit. Meanwhile...  Outside we have some big things happening in the garden.
 Mostly Melons, Potatoes, Squash and Tomatoes
 So here it is my Show Quilt!!!  Not much to look at here but I promise progress is being made. This quilt is on the down low and will not be revealed until it is hanging at a quilt show.  I plan on ent…