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Red Poppy

I am Oh So Fond of this quilt. At first I was a little intimidated. I was unsure what quilting design would complement the fabric. As soon as I hung it up my husband took one look at it and said "circles all over". Sometimes it is a surprise where our ideas and inspiration come from. He was oh so right, I Love the circles.  Ready, Set, Go.............. I like to start quilting inside the border of the quilt.  First I Circled away,  I used 5 different size circles on this quilt.  Then the Turquoise Feathers and straight lines.  My straight edge ruler helped a lot.
 In the corners a cursive C was added.  The quilt will be gifted to a lady that her name begins with C.

The Back is so Pretty 

Materials used
Thread YLIC Cotton 60 wt Stormy Grey for the Circles Sulky 40 wt Rayon Turquoise for the Feathers
Rulers 5 different sizes of Acrylic Circles A good Straight Edge Ruler
Batting was supplied by customer but felt like a 80/20 Blend
Quilt Size 75 x 59

Pink and Cream

A mom I know made a Pinterest board for her little girl that went to Preschool with my son and the board is filled with Pink and Cream. Then I was determined to make a Pink and Cream Quilt with very dense quilting.

Here is the top before the quilting began
Design time:Luckily I had just received my ruler foot and rulers YEAH
Lots of curves and straight lines

but I would never ever forget to add some Free Motion Feathers

 Almost time to take it off the rails
 My attempt at a butterfly :)
 Now keep in mind from here on out all of the pictures are after a cold wash and then hung up to dry.

 Sunny Sun

 I love those sun rays
What is she doing here????

Southwest Cowgirl Quilt

It has been a busy summer. Now that school is back in I should have more time for quilting. The quilts are building up and it is time to get to work. I have a new ruler foot and a few new rulers to play with. I plan on going into more detail on ruler work very soon.

I was able to get one quilt done over the summer. A customer sent me a Southwest Cowgirl Quilt the pattern is Turning Twenty. It was the biggest quilt that I have tackled 102 x 102. I had to pull my frame out to king size which is something I have been wanting to do for a long time and this quilt gave me the reason. Now I can make those quilts for my king size bed.

Here it is laying over the clothes line. What you are seeing is only half of the quilt.
Here is the back

I decided to go with what I like to call a cowboy feather and some straight lines that are like hills and valley that are found in New Mexico.

The border has diamonds with e's and l's
Here you can see how pretty all of the colors are together

I had f…

Midarm like a Pro!!!

I have a Midarm Grace Frame it is actually the Original Grace Frame, which means it needed a bit of tweaking. I found it on Craigslist for $250.00 I was able to take it home for $200.00. The frame was already togetheras a queen size frame, it came with King extension, engraved quilting guides, and a wooden frame for my sewing machine.
What came first the Sewing Machine or the Frame? For me it was the Sewing Machine.
Once home my husband helped me unload the frame and it was my job to finish assembling the frame. This took hours even though most of it was already put together. Directions drive me bonkers, I'm not the kind of person that buys patterns, I would rather make them up! Oh how I long for EQ7.  Once the setup was complete, it was time to figure out those rails and how to make cloth leaders???? YouTube helped, I had instructions too, but mostly Kathy Quilts showed me the way. As for the cloth leaders Grace Frame provided instructions in the directions. The amount of joy th…