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GET READY!!! This one's a big one. Filled with many quilting tips.  Along with a Spectacular Story.
Receiving Birde  The Lovely Lady that this quilt belongs to is Carolyn Vest. Carolyn meet me at my mother's eye doctors' office to bring me her quilt. Along with her quilt top and backing, she brought Wool Batting. Also, a printed paper with contact info along with her quilting preferences, which was wonderful. If you quilt for the public it is always nice to know what your client prefers and most of all what they do not prefer. While we were talking she had told me that she had brought her mother to this same eye doctor. Carolyn had Hand Appliqued this quilt while she was waiting at the doctors' office with her mother. The idea of her and myself waiting with hope in the doctors' office for our mothers, touched me.  I asked Carolyn if she would like to give her story of this quilt and this is what she sent to me.
I first saw the Birdie Birdie pattern in 2011 when Raqu…