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Cuddly Quilts

I have been given the chance to help with the quilt charity associated with the Q.U.I.L.T. guild that I am a member of. My job will be to get the quilts made.
What 's going on with Cuddly Quilts? (all events will be posted on Cuddly Quilts Facebook Page and in the Q.U.I.L.T. newsletter.)
Cutting Parties - Will include cutting the fabric into kits. Each kit will include a pattern and fabric needed to make the quilt topSewing Parties - We will be sewing up quilt tops, backings, quilting small quilts and binding.At the Q.U.I.L.T meetings I will have a table up which will have quilt kits, quilts that are in need of binding and quilting. There will also be grab bags that are filled with theme fabric to be made into a top. some themes that I already have are Garden, Pirates and Cat in the Hat. You can take a Grab Bag and make any kind of quilt pattern you would like. Also found at this table will be a sign up sheet, if you take something please sign up. All volunteers will be placed in …

Coloring Quilts

A new client called and asked me if I would be willing to quilt some designs for a coloring quilt. She sent me a few pictures of what she had in mind and I told her "Yes, I would love to". After discussing what she was looking for she decided to have me quilt 2 coloring quilts! One quilt all lines with ending points and for the second one anything I wanted. The one above is the second one. This project was a ton of fun and I want to make some coloring quilts of my own. 
Here is a list of what we used to get started.
Supply List for Quilting
Wool Batting 
Black Batting
Signature Black Thread

Blue Water Soluble Marker -  you can buy these at all fabric stores even Wal-Mart carries them.
Fabric: Kona Black Fabric & Kona White Fabric for the White Fabric (Prepared For Dye-PFD) is your best option if you are unable to find PFD you can just PreWash your fabric.

I received a question after this was posted and I wanted to add it to the Post. Just in case you miss the question/comment…

Rainbow Bargello

Check out this amazing Bargello Quilt pieced by Khiller Quilts she makes and sells quilts.

Thread - Signature, Color- Summery Fun Batting - 100% Cotton Tools - S Curve template, sorry I am not sure where I purchased it.
Movement in the quilting was what I was trying to go for. 

 While quilting there was a lot of winding the quilt back and forth but I think it was so worth it.  I really like the ripple effect that the S curve template made.

 Thank you, Lacey from Khiller Quilts