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It's been a while....

Life has been busy! I have been quilting away. Here are a few of the quilts I have had the pleasure to quilt, over the past few months.

I have also began a new journey, my boys are now Homeschoolers. So if you are interested I will begin a new tab on my blog for our homeschooling. 

Don't worry I will still be quilting my heart out.  Below is a picture of my boys crafting while I am quilting. 

 Some days I will teach and quilt while they are doing theirs lessons.

Butter Churning

Homeschooling has been a wonderful experence for all of us. Being able to spend this time with my boys has been a dream come true. We do have our tough days but a tough day at homeschool is way better that a tough day at public school. Homeschooling is not for everyone but it is a great fit for us.