Friday, December 13, 2013

Hiding your quilting thread using a Self Threading Needle

This is a Self Threading Needle or Cheater Needle you can find them at almost any place that sells sewing supplies. How it works is you slide your thread over the top of the needle and it will pop right in, POP!!

I like to leave my stops and start threads long so they are easy to spot and easy to work with:

I slide the tip of my needle in as close to where the thread meets the fabric, push the needle at an angle through the batting but not through the backing fabric, that would be a NO NO, go about a half inch and push the needle out of the quilt top.

Now you get to POP, place your thread tail over the needle and you know, POP. without cutting the fabric.

Pull your needle all the way through, until the end of the thread pulls through
keep pulling
Now pull on that tail and clip it as close to the fabric as possible, curved scissors will work the best.

Nice and Neat


Friday, December 6, 2013

Angel Quilt

 This quilt is for a foster child program through my quilt guild called Kidz Quilts. They provide the top, batting and backing, I get to provide the quilting. I love this program not only that it helps children that are going through a hard time. I am also able to practice on a variety of different quilt patterns without having to do the piecing. I will be posting many more of these.

This quilt is a panel top, I had so much fun Pebbles in her dress and Feathers in her wings.

The border had stars and hearts that I echoed.

I know she is fuzzy but I had to show you the spirals in the clouds.
 Lots of fun!!

Turning Twenty - Adventure

I just recently had my first paying quilting job. It was a Turning Twenty quilt top with Batiks. The quilt was for a man which meant Feathers would probably not be a good idea :(

 I basted it at first because I was still having problems with my quilting frame being level. It did not take long to make me fix my frame and it finally seem like everything was coning together and working great. I was oh so happy.

 Echo Paisley with Wood grain

Backing of the quilt

Pebbles and Leaves

Back folded over the front

A little zig zag to mix it up 

Doodle Work at Play

My inspiration for this piece was a picture from Angela Walters website  I was trying to challenge myself and quilt an allover random design. I think it turned out pretty good!

I hope it inspires you.
I have recently purchased a Bother 1500 with a Grace frame. I love the whole set up as long as my thread is not breaking. Since I have had my thread breaking I have got to know my 1500 very well. Turns out the bobbin tension was too tight, the frame was not level and my bobbin had a scratch on it. I learned how to fix the bobbin tension from Cindy Needham's class on Craftsy, Design it Quilt it. She is a wealth of knowledge, if you are interested in free motion quilting of feathers or backgrounds you must check it out.