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In search of a Simpler Life. Our Journey from the City to The Country.

If you haven't heard we have moved. Not down the road but to the country in NW Arkansas. We fixed up our home, sold it and moved to a home on 20 acres. Now we are fixing up our new home and building a plumbing company for my husband. Once we decided to move so many people would ask me why????

Well if you live in the city you may know, traffic is terrible, people are always in a rush and the city life is not where we wanted to spend the rest of our lives. We wanted to show our kids that their is more to life than always rushing around. Slowing down was something that we craved. Slowing down to us meant having more time with each other. Less outside expectations on our family time and more independence of our time.
We want our children to have integrity, work hard and treat people with respect with out wanting something in return. Yes, these are all things that you can teach your children in the city, but as a child of the city I myself know that it is very easy to get distracted…