A Wells House 4th of July

We woke up early to head out for a ride!
Wyatt ready to hit the dirt road.

Wayland all geared up and ready to ride.

Here is Eddie has heaven shining down on him.

The trails to the lake.

My sweet Eddie 

Ahead Eddie's bike then Wayland

He's off to see what is going on.

Above is my favorite picture

We made it to the lake :)

Wyatt is worn out

So happy

So Cute

Maybe a quilting design?

Tough Guy

Looking Good

Eddie took Wyatt on the way back so I could go FAST.
It was so amazing all of the butterflies and other flying critters fly with you when you are going fast. The feeling I had was incredible.  

Eddie and Wyatt going around the track.

Time to head home.

The day ended with a Bang.


  1. Sure looks like everyone had a great time. Those boys must have slept well that night ;-). Funny how we can see a quilting design in just about everything.

    1. We all had a good night sleep. It was a great day.


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