Quilting Bliss

This Quilt was pieced by Jill Jordan it is a Jinny Beyer Kit
Thread is a mossy green from Aurifil 
Batting is a 80/20 Black Batting (a must)

 Here is the border fabric, I choose to quilt around the printed designs. 
This quilting seems to give the quilt a personal touch with some wonderful texture.

 The back is a black fabric which is why the black batting is a must. 
I have learned through trail and error that white batting will sometimes come through on the backside stitching.

 Throughout the quilt I used straight lines as well as some feathers and leaves

 Overall the quilting went pretty fast once I figured out a quilting plan. 
Jill did such a great job piecing. 
I wanted to make sure that the quilting complemented the character of the quilt. 
Custom quilting does take extra time but I think that it is worth it. 
I am proud to say that I quilted this quilt, in the end that is what really matters.

Thank You


  1. April, you did a beautiful job quilting this project for me! Thank you for taking such care to make it special and personal! -Jill

  2. And SPECIAL it is! A labor of love by my daughter-in-law for my 80th birthday.


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