Customer Quilts from December 2014

I have fallen behind on my post and now it's time to get you all caught up. In December I had tons of work. It was my first year as a Custom Quilter for others and I had my work cut out for me. Let me show you some Quilters Eye Candy.

Dragon Fly Quilt pieced by Sandy Hestes
Thread - Lime Green Cotton from Connecting Threads

The next quilt was a Stitch In The Ditch all the way, except the borders.
Mosaic Batiks pieced by Jill Jordan
Thread - Floriani Brown PF739 Embroidery 

Turqoise & Black Quilt was filled with leaves and pebbles. It was a fun and fast quilt. 
Now I can quilt in a leaf any where:)
Pieced by Sandy Hestes 
Thread - Black Cotton from Connecting Threads

Butterfly Quilt peieced by Sandy Hestes
Thread - Orange Cotton by Connecting Threads


McTavishing is so much fun!

Then I had sometime for a practice piece

And a beautiful Poinsettia to end the season with
Black Aurifil Thread all the way

Thank you to all of my wonderful customers. 
I can't wait to see all the amazing adventures that are to come in 2015.


  1. April, your quilt designs are beautiful and very creative, love your work.


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