Batik Kidz Quilt

I had so much fun with this quilt once I decided on a quilting plan. At first I was leaning towards an allover quilting design but I also wanted to make it more detailed.  

So , I quilted in rows in each row there are about 5 different blocks. I repeated the same 5 quilting motifs in those same 5 blocks all across that row and changed it up ever row.

This quilt is a kidz quilt, which means that this quilt will go to a child without a home, I believe that this quilt will be sent to The Cumberland House. I did not do the piecing on this quilt, only the quilting. It will have the binding done by someone else too. 

I am hoping that all of the different quilting motifs will make a little boy or girl happy.
 This is the back
Up close

Sneak Peak for Next Week - Have a happy weekend


  1. Love your color fabrics that you dyed. Can't wait to learn. Beautiful work!


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