Color Wash Quilting

This is a small colorwash quilt that I had so much fun making. 
I first cut out my background fabric and fusible batting to the size I wanted the quilt to be mine is about 18in x 18in. Then I took scrapes of fabric in the colors that I wanted to use and cut them into approx. 1 inch pieces, mostly squares. Place all the 1 inch pieces on the fusible batting over lapping the fabric is a must to make sure that all the batting is covered, you do not want a fusible iron, eek. Once covered the the magic begins, iron down and up not side to side, down and up steam helps alot. Now take it to your sewing machine and quilt that sucker however you want just make sure that the quilting is 1/4 of and inch or less. For the edge I used a satin stitch with a small stitch length. 

The idea is not mine but I found it on a website called Exuberant Color by Wanda Hanson her site is filled with so much eye candy you might go into overload this is her website:

I am working on another Color Wash quilt that will be made with my long arm. I plan on using a Lapel Pen to glue my fabric down and then I am going to go crazy with swirls. I can't wait to show you.
To Be Continued:


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