Longarm Pricing

Machine Quilting - Pricing
Quilting that I provide is longarm free motion, custom and allover quilting. I charge by the size of your quilt and the amount of how detailed the quilting is.

SDC Quilting Longarm Worksheet  If you are sending in a quilt to be longarm quilted. Please print and fill this worksheet then send it with your quilt top. 

Pricing for quilting, it ranges from $0.01 cent per square inch to $0.065 per square inch

  •  Charity quilts are quilted with an allover quilting design. $0.01 cents per inch 
  •  Allover design from edge to edge. $0.02 psi
  •  Allover design with custom borders .02 psi plus $5.00 per border
  •  Mid Custom Quilting includes some ruler work, SID (stitch in the ditches) and background designs.  This type of quilting will personalize your quilt and keep the cost down. $0.03 psi  
  • Custom Quilting includes ruler work, SID and elaborate secondary background designs $0.045
  •  Full Custom/Show Quilting includes ruler work, SID, elaborate secondary background designs, and buried stitches. $0.055 - $0.065

Example: Length x Width = Square Inches of your quilt
  1. If your quilt is an average size Lap quilt which measures 54"x 72", multiply 
  2. Your total is 3,888 square inches 
  3. Multiply 3,888 x 0.02 = 77.76
Border work 
if you desire your border to have a different design from the center of your quilt a charge of $5.00 per border. This is included for free on full custom quilts and up.

Thread - $8.00 per quilt.

I carry an 80/20 cotton/poly blend, I can order a different batting this will take at least 2 weeks longer to finish your quilt. 
80/20 Cotton/Poly blend $9.00 a yard
Depending on the type of batting for a special order will run $11.00 - $12.00 a yard
Black batting is recommended for quilts with a dark backing fabric.

Backing Piecing $10.00 - $30.00 depending on how much piecing is needed

Binding - Machine Binding is offered
.015 cents per inch which includes cutting, folding and applying binding to the front of the quilt. Then you can complete the binding with hand sewing or I can complete sewing the binding on for an extra charge of $15.00. You must provide at least a yard of fabric for the binding, I will prep the binding for you, any fabric that is leftover will be sent back to you. I can apply the binding.
Example for Binding:
  1. Length + Width x 2 = Binding Length
  2. Lap Quilt 54 + 72 x 2 = 198
  3. 198 x $0.15 = $29.70
  4. Round to $30.00
Shipping - $15.00 which includes packaging, shipping cost and a tracking number. Insurance is extra depending on your preference.

    All quilts are quilted in the order that I receive them. A 1st come 1st serve system. Until I have your quilt in hand and $30 deposit there is no guarantee on the finished date. Most quilts will take 4-5 weeks. 

    If you have any questions, Please contact me


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