Half Square Triangles 002

Another variation on how to make you Half Square Triangles

 Supplies Needed:

2 - 5 inch Squares of Fabric
Rotary cutter or Scissors
Cutting Board
and don't forget your Sewing Machine

Your finished squares should be 3 inches
Place your squares pretty sides together
Sew around all four sides 1/4 inch seam allowance
 Place your ruler from corner to corner then cut
 Now CAREFUL not to move your fabric, pick up your ruler and move it from the other corner to corner,then slice agian.
 Here is what your square should look like
 Open and press to you preference, I like to press to the Dark.

 So cute, time for a trim
Your square should measure 3 inches. If not go for 2 1/2 inches a little waste will not hurt, too much. 


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