Healing Hearts

This quilt was made for a Mom that has been having some heart problems. She has been to many doctors and had surgery but, unable to find an answer. The last time I talked to her she said that she was staying Positive,what a Great attitude to have. She is a mom that just amazes me, she has 3 young boys and is very involved with them. She ROCKS!!! I hope that this mini quilt will bring her Joy.

 I used fusible web for the hearts and cut them out free hand, by folding the fabric in half  and cutting a half heart shape. Once the hearts had been straight stitched down to the top it was time to begin quilting.

The quilting includes Hearts, Feathers Swirls and Bubbles 
aka: Pebbles.

I hope this quilt made you smile,
 now go out and make someone else smile.


  1. This quilt can't help but bring a smile to this special Mom..... Nice work April ;-)

  2. Thank you so much. I am very happy with this quilt:)


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